Saturday, January 29, 2011

Want: Kelly Moore Bag

I have two camera bags already. One to hold just my camera and the basic lens. The other is a backpack that holds my camera, the two other lens I have, plus some. The only problem with these two bags it they are very causal. I never take my camera to slightly dressy functions because I don't have an appropriate camera bag.

ENRTER KELLY MOORE. I have been on the Kelly Moore site over 50 times in the past month. Really. Her bags are fabulous. I'm in love with the B-Hobo Bag.

Why haven't I bought yet? Well, I'm having trouble choosing just one fabulous color. I'm digging the Mustard...but maybe I should get the Grey.

If I could go crazy I would get two bags. The B-Hobo (of course) and the JuJu Bag for every day. The internal dividers are removable so you can use these sans camera.
Yes, I am just going to look at this picture for a while. Love. It. I must have a Kelly Moore bag!

Do you have a Kelly Moore bag? Tell me how much you love it!

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  1. the first time I went shopping with you and your mom, you got a bag that blew up my whole notion of how important a bag could be! I think I was using my back pocket at the time... :)

  2. Ha ha ha. That is so funny. Man, that was a loooooooong time ago! xo