Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Kitty!

I'm a bit late on this post. We actually added a new member to our family at the beginning of the month. But, Mark and I had to agree on how to spell his name. Please join me in welcoming Alowicious to our crafty home.

Alowicious was rescued by the same people who rescued Andre. He was on the "mean" streets of St. Pete for almost a whole year before he was found! It's not a very nice story. Alowicious and Andre have become fast friends...even though Andre still lays claim to the best duck watching spots in the house.






  1. Hello Valerie,

    Your cats are adorable! It is nice to have two more cats of the streets. I love the kitty pillow you made. I need to make some for my crew.

    ~ Tracy

  2. Thanks Tracy. Those kitties do keep us happy, don't they?

    I hope you have better luck with getting your cats to use the kitty pillows. Our cats only seem to lay in couches or laps.