Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation-Pt. 1

We just got back from a wonderful, and very busy, vacation. While in Massachusetts we popped over to Belmont, a lovely town where I lived during middle school. On our walk to Belmont Center we passed the library and Powers Music School, where I took piano lessons. Oh, so many great memories.

While in MA we had two wonderful dinners. Il Casale, in Belmont Center, is located in the old fire house. The food is rustic in theory, and sophisticated in presentation. Dante, in Cambridge, overlooks the Charles River. This was the most amazing dinner I have had in years. Every bite was heaven. As a vegetarian, I often have trouble finding satisfying food when eating out. Not the case here. Perfection!

Il Casale

Me and my mom before dinner at Dante.

Our last night in New England Mark and I walked around Downtown Boston. We didn't have tickets to the Red Sox game, but we felt the spirit!

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