Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Study Aid

So...I haven't taken online classes for a while. The last time I was in school I was making pate a choux and studying the alternate types of wheat. 3-4 nights a week and working full time-it was no easy "A."

I've just started a foundations graduate course in Educational Technology at UF. I have two friends who have gone through the ET program. One is just beginning her PhD. work, one just finished. I will be studying for the GREs this year so I can apply before year's end-yikes!

I don't need any motivation to read and study for my course, but it can't hurt. I though a notebook cover was an appropriate introduction to Gator life.


  1. oh fancy indeed!
    what a delightful post!
    splendid! x

  2. Should I say "Go Gators"? Very difficult to say.
    I'm having a flashback to your cooking days. Yummmmm!

  3. Well thank you, Laura.

    Stephen-Yes, yes, yes. Maybe I'll make Gator cookies next. You'll have to have just one!