Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Ice Cream Day

I was at the gym this morning running and watching True Blood on my iPod. I glanced at the gym TVs just in time to see a report on National Ice Cream Day! Well, if that's not an excuse to eat ice cream I don't know what is!

I actually have ice cream whenever the fancy strikes. I've been watching what I eat, so I actually do measure my ice cream-all 102 g of it. I have been buying Haagen Daaz Five-Vanilla Bean. I love the fact that there are five ingredients in the ice cream. And, non of them are high fructose corn syrup.

The ice cream on it's own should be enough. But, I love toppings. I usually get the Sunspire Milk Chocolate Sundrops, but today I hadthe dark chocolate chips. Still yummy!

I hope you celebrated. It's not too late to scoop up a bowl of your favorite ice cold treat.

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