Friday, July 16, 2010

Spoonflower I SPY Swap

I came across the Crafterhours blog somehow...I can never remember the links I follow! The first post I read highlighted the I SPY Spoonflower Swap. I've seen a few I SPY quilts online and thought it woudl be fun to make one. But, gathering the fabric would take a while. Through the I SPY/Spoonflower Swap I'll have all my fabrics sent to me in a neat little package with very little work on this end.

I immediately joined in. Yikes...and yeah! I got to make my first Spoonflower purchase and I even designed a fabric! Well, Mark actually designed it-but he only demands a bookmark for use of his design. So, I've got some yardage coming. I'm a wee bit excited. It's like a quilting bee around the globe.

The two fabrics I picked:

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