Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pinning, and pinning, and pinning...

I attended a quilt class this morning. This was a "free for all" type of day over at Sue's Bay Area Sewing. Kathy taught me how to lay out and pin my quilt together. It actually took me the whole three hours to pin the quilt! The ladies in the class were so kind and I wish I had the time to go more often.

I've decided to hand quilt this bad boy. So, my next job is to grid out the picture and start marking. I don't think I'm going to ask Andre to help me with this.


  1. holy pins. wow. i've never tried hand quilting, i just give up and hand tie it together. or, if its really littlebaby size then i'm all over the machine. way to go val.

  2. Love your color choices. . .you have such a great eye for combos.