Wednesday, February 8, 2012


With help of my friend (certified CrossFit trainer) I am going to treat my body better. This is a duplicate post from her Power Monkey blog. :) Here goes nothing!

Hi all, Val here. Ashley and I haven't been so active here on the blog, but you must know this does not reflect our actual activity in the real world. I'll give you a quick recap and then post some of my goals for the next few months.

So...I started strong right before our winter vacation. Ashley has been working with me and our friend, Lori. Through some giggles and banter we really are pushing ourselves during workouts. Then, it happened-VACATION. You know, that time. Sweets, lush meals, chocolate for dessert...after breakfast. I actually didn't go crazy eating this year. But, since I was away visiting my mom I didn't work out...Well, it did a lot of sit ups the day I went wedding dress shopping (found one!)

Fast forward to January 1st. I got up and did a workout on my own. January 2nd I tried to beat my Annie time and pulled my back. (BTW, stretching really does help). So, after a week of doing NOTHING I was back, again.

Psssst! Hit-and-run, you're up next. Yes. Horrible. My fiancé's car was totaled and the jerk drove away. There is a lot more to the story, but why dwell on the negative. So, I spent a couple of sore days, but Ashley coddled me just enough to get me going again. Now, I'm really back. I did beat my Annie time (by almost 3 minutes) and I feel stronger. I feel like I CAN do this. That being said, I need to do more.
Ashely is in day 20-something of her Paleo challenge. I am SO impressed. I love the foods she is eating (except for the meat). I can't take a Paleo challenge, I'd got very little protein as a vegetarian. That being said, I am inspired to evaluate my eating habits and put better foods in my body.
I eat a lot of grains as sides. I love them. Give me a steaming bowl of veggies and brown rice. My goodness, vegetables to so boring! Bread, check! However, if there is an alternative I am more than willing to try it. Great, I just publicly committed to GOAL ONE.

Now...I...oh, is that the phone ringing? I think I have to go...What? Oh, busted. No phone, it's 3:30 in the morning. This goal is just going to be a hard one.

I love to bake. I still have cookies cutters I used with my mom when I was a kid. I went to pastry school. I love great tasting dessert. I bake for other people.
I have a cookie order for Friday. I love sweets. Yeah, well, I think you understand what I'm trying to say.

But, I am starting-today-but cutting waaaaay back on my sweet consumption. GOAL TWO. This is going to be hard folks. I made my first batch of paleo muffins this week-yummy. And, instead of whipping up a batch of brownies, last night I had a banana and few chocolate chips for dessert. I know, chocolate-sugar, but I have to start somewhere.

UP NEXT: Less talking, more pictures. And, once I get my hair done, another video!

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