Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 2-ish

Well, this weekend went well. I used Saturday as my "don't feel guitly" day. I had a glass of wine and even ate a small cookie! But, I didn't go out of control with bad foods. When I have cravings I just pop a couple of nuts or raisins in my mouth, or drink more water.

I did not make the stew this weekend. I also didn't make black beans. If I am going to stay on track this week I'd better make sure I soak the beans before I go to work so I can cook up some go-to protein this week.

Mark got Chinese food and I asked for only steamed broccoli. Wow, who am I? I am taking fake chicken, broccoli, and the sweet potato (that is now cooling) for lunch tomorrow. I also baked up a batch of sweet potato brownies. If they were cool I could tell you if they are any good. They are cool and they are good. Oh, so good. Excuse me, I'm going to go make sure they still taste good.


My clothes are fitting better and I just feel strong. So, things are going well. Tomorrow I am doing "Fran" for the first time. I've got to make sure that I have good food tomorrow and that I pack my protein powder for after the workout!

Oh, and my new favorite thing: baked peaches with ground ginger. Yum..

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