Friday, February 10, 2012

Nom Nom Changes

I am two days into my foodie goals. Wednesday I stocked up on nuts, seeds, and fruit. I had to make sure I had snacks on hand for those weak moments. I bought my protein powder again so I wasn't starting my day with cereal. Nut based or not, I wasn't getting enough protein in the morning.

I nearly lost my mind today and had the equivalent of 3 chips with my vegetarian chili dinner. And, I'm okay with this. Ashley reminded me not to go cold turkey. I have to remember to make subtle changes so I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of things I love.

We have fallen in love with the Moosewood Gypsy Stew recipe. I have made it nearly every week this year. There are some chick peas in it, so we usually have to add more protein to our meal. But, it's packed full of veggies, spices, and nothing else. Yum!

I'm craving black beans, so I'm sure next week's meals will look very different. Happy Weekending!

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